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Hi-Tech Bangla Information Systems,Inc. works as a reseller of Cloud Solutions for our various channel partner which includes ACC, AireSpring, NEC, Verizon, Line Systems, Comcast Business, Peak 10

Cloud Solutions

Demand more than cloud: solutions for innovation.

Cloud application development

Our platform lets you test applications on the same hardware and software that This helps your teams see issues sooner, stay on budget, and use only the resources they need to get the job done. With Verizon Cloud, you can:
        # Perform cloud application testing in an environment built for production.
        # Develop applications specifically for the cloud using our cloud API set.
        # Easily move cloud application testing from development to production.
        # Scale support and monitoring as needed.

Using virtual private or private cloud, hosted in our data center or yours, you can quickly deploy a dev and test environment to meet your needs. We make it easy for you to:
        # Connect existing workloads, IP networks and even your own security measures to our cloud.
        # Write new applications that deliver ERP, financial systems or e-commerce solutions to mobile users.
        # Build big data solutions based on existing data sources´┐Żall while controlling CAPEX spending