Mobility/ Enterprise Mobility Management and Security Service

Hi-Tech Bangla Information Systems,Inc. works as a reseller of Enterprise mobility management and security for our various channel partner which includes Sprint

Enterprise mobility management and security

Mobile device management

        # The security of your mobile data is critical to your organization and to your customers. Mobile Device Management gives you complete control of your mobile devices.
        # Verizon has the tools and technologies to make device management simple and intuitive. Using a single online portal, you�ll have access to multiple mobile device management solutions.

Voice Cypher

Voice Cypher helps your counter these threats�all without adding additional hardware. Even when callers use different wireless carriers, our end-to-end encryption keeps calls secure. So you can communicate without worries.

Our proven solutions include:
        # Voice Cypher Private Switch: Easily manage your own private, secure voice-calling and messaging network.
        # Voice Cypher Enterprise Gateway: Call landlines or access PBX features like voice-mail, conference calling and the public phone network�all from your current office phone system.
        # Voice Cypher Conferencing: Retain total control over calls in progress, and prevent voice-call interception.

Wireless Private Network

        # Build a direct pipeline into your organization�s network.
        # With our Wireless Private Network, you can securely extend your corporate networks to your mobile workforce. This mobility solution gives you a direct connection to your internal network and lets you separate your data from public traffic.

Business Continuity Management

Lost productivity is going to have a huge impact on your business. Wireless is a key part of your business continuity plans, and Verizon offers you the reliable connections you need.

We can help you:
        # Keep your remote workforce productive with reliable connections to critical applications during unexpected events.
        # Protect business-critical data from being lost.
        # Reduce the risk of downtime by providing backup connectivity to cloud or alternate data centers.

IoT Security Credentialing

        # Help protect your data and keep your connections secure.
        # IoT Security Credentialing gives you an extra layer of protection for your Enterprise Mobility Management and Security solutions and apps on top of the features already in your network.


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