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Oracle and Verizon provide more choice in the cloud.

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Oracle and Verizon provide more choice in the cloud.

Customers can take advantage of two service deployment models:

  • Pay As You Go (PAYG) Subscribe to new Oracle license usage in a Verizon Cloud environment, metered and billed on a virtual CPU (vCPU) basis. Oracle PAYG in the Verizon Cloud includes software maintenance. PAYG is billed on a monthly or hourly basis, in lieu of traditional Oracle licensing.
  • Bring Your Own License (BYOL)Use your existing Oracle licenses within a Verizon Cloud environment if the licenses permit this use. You will continue to receive software maintenance from Oracle per your existing maintenance agreement. You can deploy your existing Oracle licenses in Verizon Cloud environments, subject to the BYOL eligibility guidelines below.

Deployment guidelines for Oracle in Verizon Cloud environments

Sizing for License Usage Needs:

  • To properly size your PAYG and BYOL license usage needs, please use the following methodology:
    • A vCPU is defined as the virtual processor sizing of a specific virtual machine instance.
    • Each vCPU is equivalent to a physical core under Oracle's license agreement.

    To determine eligibility for BYOL, and to use your existing licenses in Verizon Cloud environments, you should review the following license usage requirements:

Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server:

Enterprise Edition

  • vCPU Sizing per Virtual Machine Instance Count each vCPU (equivalent to a physical core). Utilize the standard Oracle Processor Metric to calculate licenses

Standard Edition/Standard Edition One

  • vCPU Sizing per Virtual Machine Instance,Every four vCPUs (rounded up to the closest multiple of four) are to be counted as equivalent to one processor license.
    • 1 - 4 vCPUs = 1 processor license
    • 5 - 8 vCPUs = 2 processor licenses

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