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Software-Defined Network

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an evolving architecture that is dynamic, controllable, cost-effective, and adaptable which makes it ideal for the self-motivated nature of today's applications. SDN will drive business agility with a fast, intelligent network.

Virtual Network Services

* We can virtualize your services quickly and efficiently.

* Our Virtual Network Services (VNS) hosts and manages many different functions from world-class solution providers at the network edge on universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) or in our global network hosted infrastructure.

* Verizon can serve as a trusted advisor to assess the customer’s current state of the network and make near-/mid- and long-term recommendations as to how to evolve the network to a NFV-based model.

Secure Cloud Interconnect

* You rely on cloud services for better application performance and business efficiency.

* With SDN technology powering Secure Cloud Interconnect, we provide near real-time visibility into these connections. Simplify configuration and control through a centralized portal to:

• Pre-provision high-speed access.
• Spin up usage-based connections to leading CSPs.
• Scale resources as business needs evolve with access to reliable bandwidth.

Secure Gateway

* There’s no way around it—your business needs the internet to cost-effectively deploy new sites and support a variety of business apps. The internet can also be an outlet for inappropriate and even malicious activity from inside and outside your enterprise.

* As a vital part of our SDN product suite, our Secure Gateway is powered by our NFV architecture.

* Our NFV architecture also allows us to quickly update your service, so you have the latest software protecting your network.


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