Internet of Things/ Asset Tracking and Management

Asset Tracking and Management

Manage your assets and mobile workforce with the power of IoT.

Asset tracking

* By connecting your assets to a secure wireless network with supply chain logistics, they’ll deliver near real-time, actionable intelligence to help keep your business running efficiently.
* We can help you simplify your delivery processes, guard against theft and improve asset use throughout your enterprise.

Fleet management

* Proactively monitor vehicles, measure performance, improve use and manage route efficiency with Verizon fleet management solutions.
* Our IoT and M2M technologies deliver valuable fleet data, help streamline maintenance and reduce fuel consumption—all to help drive business growth and reduce risk.

Intelligent Track and Trace

* Intelligent Track and Trace can help you follow your pharmaceuticals in near real time and in a secure cloud environment. From a single portal, you can track your products using barcodes and sensor technologies across your supply chain.

Verizon Share

* Build a sharing economy for your customers to meet their on-demand expectations.
* Customers today are rethinking management of assets—like cars, trucks and heavy machinery.
* Develop a connected share business model by pooling resources and assets and creating an on-demand, self-service experience on the Verizon Share platform Keep bad things from happening to good data.


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