Internet of Things Service

Hi-Tech Bangla Information Systems,Inc. works as a reseller of Internet of Things for our various channel partner which includes Sprint

Smart Cities

* Intelligent lighting can be defined as a smarter way to light up community. Energy costs could be saved by improving lighting infrastructure and regulate light levels remotely.

* Through Intelligent Lighting you will be able to remotely regulate light levels, so you can switch Read more....

Mobile commerce

* Customers expect your sales associates to be available and informed anytime and anywhere. If doesn�t happen there is a potential risk to lose the customer.

* Our mobile point-of-service solutions make it easy to check customers out or help them with buying decisions Read more....


* ThingSpace has been launched for IoT development and innovation.

* ThingSpace is your gateway to a simplified IoT workspace and machine-to-machine (M2M) management center for prototype Read more....

Asset Tracking and Management

* By connecting your assets to a secure wireless network with supply chain logistics, they�ll deliver near real-time, actionable intelligence to help keep your business running efficiently.

* We can help you simplify your delivery processes, guard against theft and improve asset use Read more....

Monitoring & Management

* With our remote monitoring solutions, you can control your assets wherever they are from nearly anywhere.

* So you can manage your machines, processes and systems to control costs and help increase Read more....