Internet of Things/ Mobile Commerce Service

Hi-Tech Bangla Information Systems,Inc. works as a reseller of Mobile Commerce for our various channel partner which includes Sprint

Mobile commerce

Deliver better customer experiences.

Mobile Point of Service

        # Adding mobility into your sales operations gives you the agility to act quickly on new market opportunities when and where they pop up. Our mobile kiosk services let you set up secure, wireless kiosks quickly and easily, in highly active areas, like retail locations, hotels, airports and sports arenas.
        # And with their built-in wireless and GPS capabilities, you know the exact location of each kiosk, which speeds restocking and maintenance.

Automated Retail

        # Smart retail machines connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) and a secure network can give your customers fast, easy access to products and services from virtually anywhere.
        # Automated retail machines use IoT to help create new opportunities for sales and services, and pairing with digital signage displays through M2M communication, can speed up the sales process to help create better business results.

Intelligent Traffic Management

        # Verizon IoT solutions can address traffic challenges to help travelers and commuters spend less time traveling and more time at their destination.
        # Our Intelligent Traffic Management solution collects data on speed, congestion, vehicle counts, red-light violations and other critical performance metrics to help you better manage day-to-day traffic in near real time.
        # Intelligent Traffic Management is scheduled to become available 4Q 2016.

Digital Signage

        # Reaching customers in entirely new ways and unexpected places can give you a competitive edge and drive business forward.
        # Interactive digital signage displays allow you to complement mobile commerce by reaching customers in places where they�re likely to respond to ads and messages.

IoT Security Credentialing

        # Help protect your data and keep your connections secure. IoT Security Credentialing gives you an extra layer of security for your Workforce Productivity solutions and apps on top of the features already in your network.