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Hi-Tech Bangla Information Systems,Inc. works as a reseller of PIP Wireless for our various channel partner which includes Verizon

We Provide:

PIP Wireless

  • Working together, Private IP and 4G LTE can take your network to the next level, securely connecting machines and peoples from powering mobile video collaboration to secure, highly interactive wireless ATMs.
  • Available in both managed and unmanaged options, the reliable Private IP wireless network with 4G LTE can help extend corporate applications to your mobile workforce. It also supports new machine-to-machine (M2M) business processes.

Product highlights:

  • A corporate IP network supported by 4G LTE gives you speed and reliability, without the security risks of the public Internet.
  • Secure wireless access to enterprise applications from remote locations helps fuel business continuity.
  • Seamless wireless back-up service can keep your business running if wireline service fails.
  • Dynamic routing increases visibility into company mobile devices connected to your wireless router.

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