Security Service

Hi-Tech Bangla Information Systems,Inc. works as a reseller of Security Service for our various channel partner which includes Verizon

Asset and Exposure Management

* In today�s fast moving world customers depend on data, hardware, and software assets for daily business operations, so their reliability is vital.

* Any exposure, degradation, or loss of availability from cyber attacks can pose significant risks to business by hardening Read more....

Security Monitoring and Analyticss

* With your expansive corporate infrastructure, keeping up with all the ways attackers can gain entry is daunting.

* Attackers are getting faster and better at what they do, and defenders aren�t keeping pace�which means collecting and analyzing threat information from across your infrastructure Read more....

Incident Management and E-Discovery

* Within the legal environment, Discovery is the process of identifying, locating, preserving, securing, collecting, preparing, reviewing, and producing facts, information, and materials for the purpose of producing/obtaining evidence for utilization in the legal process.

* Electronic Discovery (e-Discovery) is an extension of these processes into the Read more....

Risk and Compliance Management

* Security compliance is more than developing policies, satisfying internal audits, and conforming to industry standards. Finally, it�s about collecting and communicating this information to facilitate corporate governance.

* Start by focusing on your highest areas of risk first, to help identify, assess, and close the security holes that can damage Read more....

Identity and Access Management

* As the adoption of technologies such as mobility and cloud become more widespread, the customary venture perimeter is dissolving. Integration is critical, provided you keep tracking on who is using your system, how they authenticate, and what information and applications they get into.

* Our Identity and Access Management services can be helpful to authenticate and manage user identities Read more....

Network Security Enforcement and Protection

* Networks, devices, and data can be protected with specialist solutions which is planned to decrease complication and avert attacks.

* We can help our customers in safety and efficiently control access to their network, manage security Read more....