Internet of Things/ Smart Monitoring and Management Service

Hi-Tech Bangla Information Systems,Inc. works as a reseller of Smart Monitoring and Management for our various channel partner which includes Sprint

Smart Monitoring and Management

Remote Monitoring and Control

        # With our remote monitoring solutions, you can control your assets wherever they are from nearly anywhere.
        # So you can manage your machines, processes and systems to control costs and help increase safety and improve customer satisfaction.

Grid Wide Utility Solutions

        # Intelligent systems and smart grid technology give you a better view of operations.
        # The Internet of Things will help you to transform the utilities industry from reactive to proactive management with Intelligent Energy, Intelligent Water and Intelligent Gas.

Asset Management

        # Our asset management solutions make it easy and cost-effective to maintain and protect machines, vehicles and devices.
        # Reduce the risk of theft and damage with sensors that alert you when assets are moved or missing.

Condition-Based Maintenance

        # Avoid costly repairs and downtime with our condition monitoring technology.
        # Near real-time data helps you monitor vital business assets to identify potential issues before they become major problems.

Irrigation management solutions

        # There�s a lot to track and analyze when you�re a winegrower, including climate conditions, irrigation and much more.
        # IoT sensors connected to your vineyard and crop-modeling analytics can help you know in near real time how well your grapes are growing and simplify how you manage every block.