Internet of Things/ Smart Cities Service

Hi-Tech Bangla Information Systems,Inc. works as a reseller of Smart Cities for our various channel partner which includes Sprint

Smart Cities

Connecting system infrastructure and data to help communities better serve their citizens

Intelligent Lighting

        # Intelligent lighting can be defined as a smarter way to light up community. Energy costs could be saved by improving lighting infrastructure and regulate light levels remotely.

        # Through Intelligent Lighting you will be able to remotely regulate light levels, so you can switch and dim vast lighting networks when no one is around.

Intelligent Video

        # Our Intelligent Video solution can be used to capture high-quality footage and forward it to authorized viewers for near real-time viewing, or maintain the video stream locally and in the cloud for longer-term storage.

        # The Intelligent Video solution can also trigger alerts when unusual or abnormal behaviors are detected, helping keep your community or organization safe, even when no one is there standing guard.

Intelligent Traffic Management

        # Verizon IoT solutions can address traffic challenges to help travelers and commuters spend less time traveling and more time at their destination.

        # Our Intelligent Traffic Management solution collects data on speed, congestion, vehicle counts, red-light violations and other critical performance metrics to help you better manage day-to-day traffic in near real time.

        # Intelligent Traffic Management is scheduled to become available 4Q 2016.

IoT Security Credentialing

        # Verizon helps protect your data and keep your connections secure.

        # IoT Security Credentialing (IoT SC) gives you an extra layer of security for your Smart Communities solutions and apps on top of the features already in your network.