Internet of Things/ ThingSpace


* ThingSpace has been launched for IoT development and innovation.
* ThingSpace is your gateway to a simplified IoT workspace and machine-to-machine (M2M) management center for prototype through production.
* Customers will have 24x7 access through a single, consolidated portal to everything you need to bring your IoT solutions to life, and to market.


* The key drivers for IoT success are innovative new tools that are lowering the barrier to entry.
* That’s where Develop comes in. It’s a “single pane of glass” where you’ll find web-based tools that help you design, test and deploy IoT solutions and M2M technologies, speeding up the development process.


* Verizon IoT solutions can address traffic challenges to help travelers and commuters spend less time traveling and more time at their destination.
* Manage makes things easier by bringing all your device management and monitoring tools together in one place.
* Now you have the tools you need to manage the entire life cycle of your devices in a single, scalable, reliable, self-service portal designed for IoT.

API documents

* Application programming interfaces (APIs) allow you to connect applications to devices.
* ThingSpace Develop provides access to the latest tools and resources, including enterprise-grade APIs you need to develop, build and test new IoT and M2M applications

Developer kits

* IoT developer kits help you solve the challenges of building an app that works with IoT.
* Now you can spend less time developing an interface between your apps and IoT-enabled devices, so you can see the benefits of IoT deployment quickly.
* You can build your apps in the ThingSpace environment using the most popular web-programming languages or our built-in freeboard, powered by Bug Labs drag-and-drop development tool, then test them out quickly


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