Electronic Warfare Simulation System (EWSS)

This simulator is built by our channel partner Hi-Tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Limited located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We work as a reseller of this product.

Electronic Warfare Simulation System (EWSS)

HTB's Electronic Warfare Simulation System (EWSS) is a computer based Theoretical and Operation training platform for academic learning and simulation of Electronic Communication (ECOM) and Electronic Warfare (EW) devices.

I. The objectives of EWSS are to perform followings:

a. Individual Training on electronic communication devices
b. Simulation of Electronics Warfare Equipment/Gadget such as Radio/Signal Jammer, Radio Interception System
c. Class Room training environment for group/operation based training
d. War time exercise: A complete Simulation of War Scenario

II. The EWSS performs following operational activities:

a. Train individuals/students on various Electronic Communication and Electronic Warfare Devices/Systems.
b. Theoretical, Operational Training for ECOM and EW Devices/Systems
c. Create Simulation Environments

i) "Classroom Environment" for multimedia based interactive training for individual/Student or group of students and
ii) "War Time Exercise Environment" of Simulation which will be used to train individual/student from standalone platform to a group work for War Game practice.


The EWSS has two major modules:

a. Interactive Multimedia Training Segment (IMTS)
b. Exercise Segment (EXSEG)

Each module may have several sub modules capable of performing various simulation activities within the module. Modules are created to simulate of different operational characteristics and features of Electronic Warfare. Modules are expendable and their capabilities can be updated time to time. Most of the modules will be designed to run independently without the help of other modules but some modules may be dependent on others.

IV.Electronic Warfare Simulator(EWS) Features:

a. Standalone environment for Device functionality testing.
b. Real life Communication device interface.
c. Computer generated jamming facility.
d. Collaboration mode for real life EWS experience.
e. Readily available Standard communication devices simulation.
f. Possible to add different communication device as per user need.


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