Network Monitoring System

HTB’s Network Monitoring System (NMS) provides the service of monitoring and reporting Wi-Fi network system both in offline or Online mode. It can provide device info, client data usages, connection status, etc. Main functionality of NMS are data visualization, ticketing system, documentation and reporting etc.

Job Portal

HTB’s Job Portal is a simple and reliable platform for them who are searching for their suitable job and who are searching the perfect employees for their job. These two category of people can easily find each other in out beautiful yet simple to understand interface.

Project Management System

Project management system (PMS) is an online platform for management projects of small business to large organization. It will track and report project status with individual task and sub-task status. It can also provide project overhead costing, individual module, task and subtask costing. HTB’s solution comprise of multiple module for PMS system.

Website Maintenance

If you are a business operating with an online presence, your time will be best served managing and promoting your own business. If your online presence is ever in need of updating, changes or security updates, a support and maintenance HTB is there for your help. We provide the followings as website maintenance:

  • Bug fixes
  • Website updates
  • New feature implementation
  • Code maintenance
  • Improving website speed
  • Data migration
  • Backing up Files
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Fixing Broken Links