HTB Information Systems is your One Stop Shop for your any IT, Telecom and Software Development needs. We carefully analyze the needs of the client’s organization and provide a solution that is designed to meet their expectations and requirements in a timely and affordable fashion. We have earned expertise in various domains and provide unbiased IT consultation for implementation of business ideas. Our highly skilled engineers are professionals from the field with years of experience in the related industry. We offer our customers with presales consultancy service to choose and pick the right solution they ever need.

As a value-added reseller (VAR) and system integrator (SI) HTBIS’ team of experts not only help our customers to make smart decisions on the front end of the decision process, we stay engaged. Our engineering service team provides ongoing support and problem resolution throughout the lifetime of the contracts.

Today's Complex business needs and higher maintenance cost, We at HTB Information Systems, bring innovative applications solutions to penetrate market faster by leveraging our expertise and professionals’ years of experience in the field.

We do perform reliable service onsite and offshore application planning, design, develop, Implement, test, support, integrate and deliver on time.

We are located at,

850 Central Pkwy E, STE 248
Plano, TX 75074 USA